September 06, 2011

Light Show

The lights dimmed, signaling that the show was about to begin. Except I wasn't in a theater; I was sitting by the window in my living room, and the "lights" in question came from outside. Clouds had moved in on this end-of-summer afternoon.

Then the show lights came on.  These were different than the regular "house" lights because they were distinctly yellow-orange.  That's when I realized that a show was beginning.

I went outside with my camera, and this is what I saw.  The colors in this photo are unaltered.  The rain that can be seen coming down from the clouds arrived at my location a few minutes later.

It was the first rain we'd received in Long Beach in several months.  And it was beautiful.  I immediately shared my photo on facebook, and noticed that about a dozen of my local friends had shared their own pictures of the show as well.

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