September 01, 2011


School began this week for Ethan.  He's now a freshman in high school.  The school he is attending is a private Christian school, which we enrolled him in because of its small size and good drama program. 

(The city of Long Beach has some excellent high schools, but all but one have several thousand students in them, and we couldn't get him in to that one.)

A few weeks ago we attended new student orientation.  At one point the office secretary pulled me aside and said that Ethan would need a haircut in order to comply with the school dress code. 

Personally, I've always thought Ethan looked good with long hair, as long as he took care of it.  It was a conditional approval.  The conditions were rarely met.  So I had no qualms about telling him that the hair needed to be cut.

"So when do you want to go get it cut?" I asked. 
"I want you to do it."
So I did.  The night before school started.

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