September 08, 2011

Guide to Middle School

So, while last week my oldest son started high school, this week my youngest son started middle school.  All summer long his big brother had been telling him his favorite horror stories about how bad middle school is, and how his younger brother wouldn't survive.

Turns out this was just his way of showing brotherly love.

On Tuesday, the night before classes began, I saw this "survival guide" written out by my oldest son for his younger brother.  It says:

Bob Lucky's Guide to Hughes Middle School
[Bob Lucky is an alias my older son likes to use for himself]

Backpacks:  Five folders or one folder with five dividers.  Do not use a roller.

Locker Room:  Don't play or mess around.  Get in, change, get out.

Passing Period:  Five min. is enough tiime if you don't stand around.  Go to class.  You even have enough time to use the restroom.

Restrooms: They are clean but if you have to go number 2, go during class.
Seating:  Don't wait for others to sit first.  Sit first and let people sit by you, not you sit by them.
Bullies:  Avoid them.  Have a friend.  If a bully is following or chasing you, go to the library or a classroom.
Crushes/girls:  good luck.
Teachers:  Mr. Dekrai and Mrs. Bowley are cool.  They know luckies.
Lunch:  Eat with (a) friend(s).
Other:  Chaske can help.

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jo(e) said...

I love the survival guide! The "seating" one is smart.