November 18, 2008

Tomorrow Night

I have been invited to speak at a chapel service at Chapman University tomorrow night (Wednesday). Chapman is where I earned my bachelor's degree, and where I met my wife. It is a school that was founded by members of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in 1861, and which still maintains ties to the church today.

Speaking at the chapel service is a little different than speaking to my congregation. I don't know exactly who will be present, or how many of them there will be. There are about 100 "Disciples on Campus," the organization that sponsors the weekly chapel service; however, attendance at chapel is voluntary. At the same time, there could be other students present who are not members of "D.O.C."

I also am wondering how long I should speak for, how formal the service is, and even what I should wear. And, oh yes, I also should give some thought into what I'm going to say.

Tomorrow also happens to be my wife's birthday. That's part of a pastor's wife's lot in life: to spend your birthday listening to your husband preach. I'm very grateful that she puts up with it all. The kids and I will surely take her out to dinner before chapel.

If you're in Orange County, you're welcome to come. Worship is at 7:00 at the Fish Interfaith Center. Otherwise, I'll let you know how it turns out.

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Pastor Bob Cornwall said...


Is this a chapel service or a talk to a gathered group? If it is the former, I'd go dressed up, but without a tie. But the best thing to do is ask the leaders what they expect. I think it's better to dress up than dress down. You can always shed a coat or a tie. Going Hawaiian probably isn't a good idea!

Oh, and don't go too long!!! Better to leave them wanting more than wanting you to hurry up and leave!