November 20, 2008

D.O.C. Worship

Well, worship went well. I wasn't really expecting anything else. And, despite what I said the other day, I actually knew what I was going to say. I'm not one of those "last-minute" types of people.

Some of the students present I knew--some for a long time--because they're youth I've had as campers at some of the youth camps I've directed/counseled. I was amazed at their leadership and maturity then, and I continue to be amazed today. Most of them were regional youth leaders, and for good reason.

Now they are at Chapman. One thing I've noticed in the congregations I've been a part of is that those who have graduated from a Disciples-related school (like Chapman) are more likely to be strong, effective leaders. They understand what the church is about, and the understand what the "Disciples" are about.

The church is definitely blessed to have leaders like those I spent the evening with last night.

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