September 14, 2007

It's Been a Quiet Day...

Today was my first day of substitute teaching for the new school year. It was strange how much I looked forward to it, and how much I enjoyed it. I spent much of the day smiling, even when I was yelling at the freshmen in 5th period to calm down and get to work. It was also good to talk with the other teachers at lunch, and catch up on how their summer was.

I'm discovering that being a country pastor can be a lonely way to make a living. Often, I don't see anyone come by the church. We don't even have a secretary. The phone rings a couple of times during the day, but half of the calls we get are sales calls. If they only realized how few of us there are, perhaps even they wouldn't be calling.

It's quiet here during the week. There are one or two church members who occasionally stop by to do some volunteer work. Conversations with them are usually brief, and are usually about church business. Most of the other members are too busy or live too far away to do anything during the week. We're pretty spread out, here in the country.

Even an introverted person like me longs for some conversation once in awhile.

The photo is one I took last spring at the Feather River, a few miles from my house.


Brian said...

I wonder how many folks realize that most of our churches are the small ones, whether rural or in the city. Most of our churches have limited staffs and pastors who carry a great deal of the weight. I applaud you for serving such a church when many wouldn't even consider it.

jo(e) said...

The photo is beautiful.