September 20, 2007

Strange Things Happening

It's been a very strange week. I went running on Tuesday, and saw five snakes slithering in the sun. I haven't seen five snakes total on all the runs I've taken around the rice fields here over the past several years. But on one day, I saw five, all within a half mile.

Then yesterday, summer came to a screeching, booming halt. The weather turned cool, and the clouds came in. The wind picked up, blowing so hard it sent tree branches crashing to the ground. It was enough to frighten my sons, especially when the weatherman on TV started talking about "indications of wind rotation" in our area. Then the thunder and lightning arrived (something that only happens here 2 or 3 times a year), it started raining (first real rain we've had in months), and then the rain was mixed in with some hail (hail happens even less than thunder and lightning). I'm told that up in the mountains, it snowed.

But the really strange thing is that it is now public knowledge that I am a pastor searching for a church. For some time now, I have known that my gifts for ministry no longer match the vision this congregation has for its future, and that it is time to move on. The congregation has started to realize this as well. This, coupled with the congregation's financial problems, has led to a lot of anxiety among the members, which in turn led me to announce my resignation as of the end of this year ... even though I have not yet received a call from another congregation.

It was the right thing for me to do, though it does have its risks. I made my announcement Sunday afternoon; Sunday night, I stayed up all night watching movies on TV, because I couldn't sleep. Sleep has come easier the rest of this week, since I have been able to talk to several clergy friends who have given me their reassurance.

The plus side is that I no longer need to keep secret my intentions to leave, or my current search for a new church. I hate keeping secrets, and am a terrible liar, so this gives me some freedom to talk about such things. It is an anxious time, but I am trusting my future (and that of my family) to God.

I took this photo last spring in southern California.

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Doug Jones said...

Prayers for your future, family and for your heart in the days ahead and you listen to and lean on the Mystery of the Universe, your Lord and your God.