May 31, 2006


My son Ethan is an entertainer at heart. He loves to act, tell jokes, and generally be the center of attention. This aspect of his personality sometimes lands him in trouble, but it also has its good side.

Last night Ethan auditioned for a role in a play being produced by a children's theater group. The ages of the actors is 8-18; Ethan is 8.

The room where the auditions took place looked intimidating enough, with its fancy theater lights hanging from the ceiling, and the table, front and center, where the producer & directors sat. The first kid called up to audition was a 16 year-old who obviously had done this before. He was good. At this point, if it were me waiting for my name to be called, I probably would have said to myself, "This isn't for me," and walked out the door.

Ethan, however, waited quietly until he was called up to the stage. He successfully sang a song with piano accompaniment (did I mention this play's a musical?), and read some lines. His age and lack of experience will probably keep him in the chorus, with perhaps a small speaking part, but I could tell the judges were impressed & happy. But I was even happier.

Here's a picture of Ethan entertaining relatives over breakfast last weekend, when they were in town visiting...


jo(e) said...

Oh, that kind of thing can be a wonderful experience for a kid.

Anita said...

Way to go, Ethan! That first try-out is the hardest! Danny, be sure to let us know about the show!