May 23, 2006

Chasing the Dog

I didn’t want a dog. Life is crazy enough without the added responsibility of being a dog owner. However, last Saturday I attended an all-day meeting in Oakland, and when I returned, there she was.

My wife and my two sons had decided, in my absence, to adopt Saydee, an 18 month-old catahoula from the local canine adoption agency. Just two days later, I was sitting at my desk in my office when I saw her go running through the front yard. Apparently she had escaped out the front door. So off I went, to retrieve the dog. I caught her and led her inside, only to see her outside my window once again. This time she had jumped through the bathroom window, which one of the kids had left open. Back out I went.

Chasing after that which I didn’t want. Can my life be any more pointless?

To tell the truth, Saydee wasn’t hard to catch. She let me catch her. When I called her name, she just sat there, and waited for me. Apparently, she’s already become attached to our family. And I can’t help but find her cute and loveable and loyal and gentle and everything that a good dog should be. Despite my best intentions, I’m starting to like her.


So that’s how I ended up chasing after something I didn’t want, only to realize that I really did want it. That’s quite a change from what usually happens. Usually, I chase after things I think I really do want, only to realize later that I don’t want them after all. Those ads in the magazines and newspapers and on TV make all kinds of stuff look so enticing, and I know that I just gotta have it, but when I get it, I realize that it does nothing to enhance my life. All it did was cost me some hard-earned money. Strange how my mind works, isn’t it?

Welcome to the family, Saydee. It’s going to be nice to have a companion around who thinks more clearly than I.


Michael said...

Loved this post.
So many meanings on so many levels.

Take Care

Purple Hydrangea said...
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Purple Hydrangea said...

AWWWWW.... saydee is a sweetie and i hope things work well with her being a part of your family...