July 26, 2005

Frisbees in the Foyer

If you happen to walk down the concourse at the convention center, past the Oregon Ballroom, look out. The Oregon Ballroom has become the "youth room" of this General Assembly, and you just might have to walk through a frisbee game in order to pass by. In some places, and even in some years gone by, this would have been upsetting to assembly-goers, but now it is accepted, just as the youth are. And when the youth throwing the frisbees inside the convention center are the same ones who planned and led such a wonderful worship service last night, who can complain?

Last night, after a third day of assembly activities (and after accompanying the grade-school program to a local waterpark), my wife got sick. Sleep is in short supply at General Assembly, and that, combined with her contact with a sick preschooler last week at the preschool where she works, was too much for her body. I'm supposed to be in the business session which starts in 90 minutes (and which, today, includes the election of our next General Minister/President), so hopefully Ginger is feeling better today. Otherwise, I'll be taking care of her today.


Anonymous said...

I received this email this morning concerning the DOC meeting. What can you tell me about this. Are people there actually getting emails from this organization?
As you read this, the Disciples of Christ is in Portland, debating a resolution on the fate of Israel’s security fence.

We need Israel’s supporters everywhere to join our “virtual march on Portland.”

ACT NOW send an email to Disciples officials on the convention floor. Let them know the fence is vital to the safety of Israel’s people and suggest they seek peace by getting the Muslim terrorists to stop killing innocent Israelis.

Don’t let the anti-Semites win -- send a message the Disciples can’t ignore.

Time is short...we have less than 2 hours to make them hear us. Send your message NOW!


George W. Mamo
Executive Director Stand for Israel
Executive Vice President International Fellowship of Christians and Jews

Danny said...

I have not received any such email. However, this morning I did see a few protestors with signs outside the convention center. They were very polite and I thanked them for their witness, although I don't know that I agree with them....and I don't know if they represent the organizations mentioned in the email.
On this issue, there are definitely two sides. The July/August issue of DisciplesWorld magazine has both a "for" and an "against" article concerning this resolution. Both side have good points. I believe the resolution in question is in committee right now to be reworded and clarified, and will be presented later.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the update. I am not sure where I stand on the issue myself. That is why I did not send a letter for protest.
However, in light of all of the protest against this resolution I am hoping that you will keep us update when the it comes out of committe.