July 26, 2005

A New General Minister

I didn't expect emotions to be so high this morning when Sharon Watkins was elected as our next General Minister and President. People in the crowd and even on the platform (including our moderator, Charisse Gillett), were in tears of joy when the overwhelming "yes" vote was received. I don't remember such high emotions the last time I was at a General Assembly when a General Minister / President was elected. No one really doubted that she would be elected, there was no opposition, so why was it so emotional?

It could be because of the tumutuous journey the nomination process took this time around. Sharon Watkins was not the first name presented by the nominating committee to the necessary boards & committees, but those other names did not receive the necessary affirmative vote to be forwarded to the General Assembly.

It could be because Sharon Watkins is the first female to lead a mainline denomination in the United States.

It could also be (and this is what I believe) that Sharon Watkins is in fact the right person for the job.

My prayers are with you, Sharon Watkins, and with our church, as we embark on a new chapter in our mission of responding to the call of Jesus.