July 25, 2005

At The Cyber Cafe

I'm back in the VisionFest room now.... This time it's officially open. There is a Biblical re-enactment going on to my left, spiritual music coming from the labyrinth area to my right, and tables full of free popcorn all around. And here at the Cyber Cafe, 8 of us are connecting to people beyond Portland on the internet.

The first business session was this morning. If you're interested in what happened, I'm sure you can find out all you need to know at the DisciplesWorld website. I enjoyed sitting next to my father, who was attending his first Disciples General Assembly. We only cancelled each other's votes once, although there are still many more business items yet to come.

Tonight's worship service is the one led by the youth, something that is always a highlight of any assembly. But right now, I need to figure out how to meet up with my family for dinner, since Chris took my cell phone with him when he went into downtown with his new friends. I'm so happy he has found a community of friends which has so warmly welcomed him into the church and into their circle of friendship!

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