March 03, 2009

How To Get What You Want

You just gotta have the hat that is on the store shelf, but Mom and Dad say no. What do you do?

Exhibit A: Note the child on the left. He is employing the "puppy-dog" tactic. He figures that if he makes a pitiful enough face, the parents will be moved to--well--pity, and will buy him the hat he wants.

Exhibit B: Note the child on the right. His plan is to win the parents over with cuteness. He figures that if he shows his parents how cute he is in the hat, and how happy it will make him to have the hat, the parents will surely give in.

Unfortunately, neither tactic worked on this particular outing. Better luck next time, boys!


Ephram Brown said...
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Edgar said...

How could you not fall for that?!
This is hillarious!!!!