March 10, 2009

Cool Day at the Beach

It was one of those wonderful "do nothing" days, in which one does nothing for hours on end, and doesn't get bored. After the chairs and towels and umbrellas are carried out to the sand, no one says, "Now what?" You either sit, or you play in the sand, or you see how well the kite will fly today.

On this particular day, sitting did have its advantages. Far out in the ocean, numerous small, white "puffs" could be seen. Spouts! The grey whales are on their annual migration north, and many of them passed by.

Closer to shore, where the waves were breaking, seals frolicked. (Or were they sea lions?) The water was too cold for us, but just right for them. And late in the day, a pod of dolphins swam by, jumping out of the sea, high into the air, putting on a wonderful show.

Of course, I was too enthralled by the show to get my camera out. The only wildlife I took a picture of was this pelican. Most of the pelicans were putting on a show of their own, flying over the water, then diving down with a great splash when they'd spot something that looked good to eat. This guy (or girl), however, seemed content to just watch for a while.

(Clicking on the pictures will open a larger version.)

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Purple Hydrangea said...

Looks like a good time... I am glad I clicked on the pelican pic and was able to see it in more detail. Pretty colors, and the other birds in the background are hardly seen in the small pic!