September 07, 2008

Off to Chicago

Today I leave for Chicago, where I'll be attending a conference for Disciples of Christ clergy. It should be a fun time of meeting new people as well as seeing a few old friends. It will also be an important time, as we will learn about the proposed plan to "realign" our denomination's structure.

I won't be blogging from Chicago, so I'll talk to you at the end of the week.

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Guido said...

You know I asked the OGMP about what the goal was of that event. The response, 'For pastor's to have fun.' My response was I can have fun for a great deal less money and stress than Chicago.

Then they do the mission realignment...frustrates the snot out of me.

I hope it is a good event. I am praying that this time will not be a waste of time for you all.