September 12, 2008

Flight to Chicago

I sat in the airport waiting room, waiting for my flight. I pulled out a book I had brought to read. I made sure to have a book with me, because waiting in airports and sitting on an airplane is so incredibly boring without something to read.

I opened the book. It began with an old man in a nursing home, desperate for any kind of excitement. Visitors. Something "real" to eat. Something exciting to see out the window. I began to ponder the similarities between nursing homes and airports.

I have decided that US Airways is the worst-managed airline. Their boarding procedure is so unhelpful that it takes a full 30 minutes to get everyone on the plane. They charge you for even one checked bag, so obviously, there is not enough space on the plane for all the carry-ons.

The plane was due to depart just after sunset. I found my seat and pressed the button to turn on my reading light. Nothing. I pressed it again. Nothing.


The plane landed at O'Hare right at midnight, right on time. I took a taxi to my hotel and went to bed. The Pastors' Conference would begin the next day....

To be continued.


rebecca said...


What book were you reading? Was it "Water for Elephants?" Sounds like it. If not, that's one you should read.

Danny Bradfield said...

It was.