August 17, 2008

Living Room

This is the living room of the house we've been living in for nearly seven weeks now. Alas, it was clean ten minutes ago. Summer is nearing an end, and so are the activities that we've found for the boys, to keep them busy. They are looking forward to school starting, even though they won't admit it. However, Long Beach schools start later than most, and we (er, I mean, they) still have two more weeks.


kathy a. said...

nice house! but oh, yeah -- that is *exactly* what a room looks like 10 minutes after 2 bored boys drag out the equipment.

you'll want to lock the power tools up for the next decade or so. just saying. ;)

Adam Gonnerman said...

Classes don't start back up here in northern NJ until after Labor Day. Not so long, but still. My 10-going-on-ll year-old daughter is practically climbing the walls, although I think my wife's done a good job of giving her and her brother activities this summer.

And yes, my son is far messier than my daughter.