February 26, 2008

Flogging Molly

Ever heard of the music group Flogging Molly? Are you anxiously awaiting your pre-ordered Flogging Molly CD? If so, know that it's quite likely that your CD and t-shirt were packaged by yours truly.

For two days, I have a job. In a little building beneath the Hollywood Sign, on a street named Cahuenga (a now familiar name on this blog), I am hard at work. More work may, perhaps, follow, although that's not guaranteed at this point. I still wake up every night at 3:00 a.m., scared to death that we'll lose our health insurance. (I have a $1700 bill and only $300 left in the checking account). Losing health insurance is not an option when your child has diabetes.

But maybe it will be OK.

BTW, I did guest preach last Sunday, and now have a video of my sermon on its way to a church search committee. We'll see what happens.

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Purple Hydrangea said...

don't think i have ever heard of this group until your post... then last night I was listening to Little Steven's Garage, a music show by Little Steven from E Street Band, and he played a song by Flogging Molly... they were ok, not too impresses with the one song... but now I have heard of them twice in a short time! very odd