November 26, 2007

No Movie Day

The plan was to go see a movie. It was Saturday, the last free day of the kids' week off from school for Thanksgiving. (When Dad's a pastor, Sunday is never a free day.) Several new movies that are out looked like they would be good.

But the weather was nice, and Dad didn't want to sit inside a building for two hours. So instead, he took everyone to the zoo. Surprisingly, when he told the kids, they didn't even complain.

We explored the zoo for four hours. The kids paused at the exhibits, read the signs, and excitedly shared out loud the information they had just learned--unlike previous visits, when they would race from exhibit to exhibit and we'd see everything in 30 minutes. When we listened to a zoologist give a 15-minute talk about lemurs, and another 15-minute talk about penguins, they asked questions. Intelligent questions, I thought.

Then they found a small man-made stream surrounded by lush vegetation, and decided it was time to play "jungle explorer."

I guess we'll see the movie when it comes out on DVD.

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