October 22, 2007

Miracle Day, pt. 1

We left Friday as soon as Ethan and Tristan were out of school. Our destination: Sparks, Nevada, where we would join with 75 others to help renovate First Christian Church, a small congregation on the north side of town. The one-day event was called "Miracle Day."

A storm was predicted to move in Friday night, and we didn't want it to catch us in Donner Pass. We headed up I-80 ahead of the storm, and paused for a rest at the summit.

Just east of Donner Pass is Donner Lake, a beautiful Sierra lake where Ginger and I spent a weekend earlier in the summer. It's also where the Donner Party was forced to spend a terrible winter a century and a half ago. We paused to enjoy the scenery before continuing on.

We arrived in Reno well ahead of the storm. Actually, I think the storm fizzled out over the Sierra, since we never did experience any rain, just a cold wind. We stopped in at Circus Circus, where Ethan and Tristan won several stuffed animals at the carnival games, and then enjoyed some of the circus acts they have there. After about two hours, we left and headed into Sparks, for dinner and to get some rest in preparation for Miracle Day, which was on Saturday.

Part two coming soon...

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