October 21, 2007

Answer to Last Post

Here is the answer to the last post's question:

And, the explanation: A few months ago, our brand new car was in the body shop for reasons that I won't go into, except to let you know that they involved telling a certain teenager who we had welcomed into our home that he could no longer live here. When the work was finished, I examined the car from the left and from the right, and everything looked fine.

A little over a week ago, I was washing the car, and noticed this strange anomaly. I thought about leaving it be, since it can come in handy (as it did a few days ago); but I think I'd really like it to be right. BTW, both sides are supposed to be black.

This weekend, we went on a road trip to Sparks, NV.... I'll post the trip report here by Monday evening.

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