October 06, 2007

Early Morning Light

As the sun rises, golden light floods into the dining room where I sit, drinking a cup of green tea, and reading the paper. Its rays soar over the crest of the distant Sierra Nevada, which, true to its name, is covered with a fresh coat of snow.

The rest of the household is still asleep, even the dog. They stay in bed as long as possible, then rush to get ready for the day. Even on this Saturday, there are places to go. Sitting at the table, I know it's nearly time to wake everyone up, but for a few moments I enjoy the quiet, the peace.

It's a good way for me to start the day: a relaxing moment, in which even my stress and worry disappear. The world has a special beauty at this time of day. Perhaps that beauty is always there, but unnoticed. Once the daily hussle and bussle begins, it's hard to notice beauty. The beauty of the world outside my window, and the beauty of the light pouring in, lets me know that there is beauty everywhere, and that I have much for which to be thankful.

Now that this moment has passed, I look back, and realize that it is sacred.

Morning light passes over Donner Lake, high in the Sierra Nevada, on its way to my home in the Sacramento Valley. I took this picture last spring. Yesterday, several inches of snow fell here.

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