July 26, 2007

Family Outing

Yesterday we took a big family outing to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, a park that has done a good job catering to families. Unfortunately, it took us waaayyy too long to get there, due to some unknown incident on I-80 that actually forced us off the freeway and had us sequestered at a Burger King for awhile while we waited for the road to reopen. If only we had taken Thomas the Tank Engine to get there...

Thomas makes a circle around the building with the shark exhibit.  Who knew there were sharks on the island of Sodor?
Discovery Kingdom has wild rides, mild rides, and many animal exhibits and shows. One of our family's favorites was the walrus exhibit...

Tristan wants to know why the walrus doesn't get his own show, like Shouka the killer whale.

We greeted the local residents, and even got their autographs...

This was Ginger's favorite part of the day...until she got to meet Flash.

And then, it was back on the road to home.

Actually, the turtles in the grassy area to the right (not in photo) were faster than these vehicles.

The entire photo album is here.

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Peggy said...

Looks like you guys had a great time!