June 08, 2007

Plan A or Plan B?

I've spent the past several days deep in thought and prayer about which path is the right one for me to take, and the right one for my family and my church. The frustrating thing is that I go to be at night convinced that plan A is the the best plan, and then wake up the next morning convinced that plan B is better. A comparison of the pros and cons for each option leads to no clear answer.

Because I'm trying to figure out my future, while still dealing with the aftermath of the car crash, I have made the difficult decision to not participate in the mission trip to Mexico in two weeks. I wrote an email to the directors this morning, then stared at it for a good 20 minutes before I could hit the send button. I really wanted to go! However, there's just too much I need to take care of at home, and since Ethan and I are going to church camp the week after the Mexico trip, I had to back out. Plus, I've not received the moral support from my congregation that I had expected to receive. They'd rather have their pastor at home, and not doing mission work in some far-off place.

Despite this, I slept well the past two nights. Tonight, however, it's Grad Nite, a party for the graduating seniors, which I've volunteered to help chaperone. Should be fun!

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