June 06, 2007

Continuing Saga

Yesterday afternoon, my wife informs me that the "check engine" light on our rental car was lit. So I took it to the rental car place to switch it for a different vehicle.

While we were on our way, dark clouds loomed directly in front of us. Dust was swirling around. We pulled into the large parking lot (the rental car office is attached to a Kmart) and walked inside. Hearing a noise behind us, we turned around to see a dozen unmanned shopping carts rolling through the parking lot at a high rate of speed, and continuing out into the adjacent street. Then it started to rain, accompanied by thunder and lightning. After getting the keys to our new rental car (a Hyundai Entourage), we ran across through the pouring rain to where it was parked, and drove off.

I predict that tomorrow, a giant meteorite will crash into our front yard.

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