May 04, 2007


We arrived home last weekend to discover that, while we were gone, someone had left two kittens on our doorstep. I don't know why. Was it because we often find ourselves taking in stray teens that someone decided that we'd take in stray cats as well? Was it because they knew us, and knew how compassionate we are (well, actually my wife is the compassionate one), and felt that we were the right people to either provide them or find them a good home?

They couldn't have known us that well. Otherwise they would have known that we already have a dog. Dogs and cats aren't always the best combination. And they must not have known that, in the seven years we've lived here, we've had several cats, which have either run off or met a tragic demise.

The state of California is considering making it a law that ALL pets must be spayed or neutered. Spaying and neutering is a good idea, but it seemed to me that making it a law was a bit intrusive. At least that's what I thought, until this week.

I was tempted to just open the door, and give the coyotes some fun. (I told you that it's my wife who's the compassionate one.) Instead, we brought the kittens into the laundry room and fed them some dog food. We didn't have any cat food, we had just been in the car for five hours, and it's another hour round-trip to the store. It was dog food or nothing. The cats ate the dogfood. Then they got diarrhea.

Tonight, we finally found someplace to take the cats, where I think they'll get a good home. They're gone now, and not a moment too soon. As cute as they were, it was only a matter of time before we became attached to them. Even uncompassionate me.

And no, I wouldn't really send them out to the coyotes.


Anonymous said...

you post so many other pics and none of the adorable kitties???

Danny said...

Oh, sure, so you and I could BOTH fall in love with them ... then what would I do?