April 30, 2007

Annual Meeting

Some pictures from our trip to Asilomar, site of the 153rd Annual Meeting of the Christian Church in Northern California-Nevada.

Mission San Juan BautistaBefore arriving at Asilomar, we stopped at the old mission in San Juan Bautista. Ethan is in 4th grade, and every 4th grader in California studies the missions; studying missions, and building a model of one, is almost a right of passage in the golden state. Those that live close enough to one usually experience one of the missions on a class field trip. On this day, we were on our own, but there were plenty of school groups to keep us company.

We're walking, we're walking,...

Then we arrived at Asilomar. Asilomar is located on the Monterey Peninsula, near Pebble Beach, and not far from the Monterey Bay Aquarium. It overlooks the Pacific Ocean, where boardwalks cross the dunes.

The buildings at Asilomar were a perfect setting for worship.

Click here for pictures from last year's Asilomar trip.

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