April 06, 2007

Spring Break Trip

Yosemite Falls:  April 3, 2007Here is where I've been the past few days. Some friends from Indiana came and visited for a few days, and wanted to see Yosemite. It's one of our favorite places, so we were more than happy to take them there.

The waterfalls were beautiful. The way the spring sun struck Yosemite Falls on Tuesday morning was amazing. I've never seen it lit up like this.

Yosemite Valley is a beautiful place, but crowded with people. By the end of our three days, I had become quite tired of the overcrowded shuttle buses. But I could never tire of sights like this, and we even ventured onto one or two less-travelled paths for some quiet time with nature. We're already talking about our next trip.

The winter that has just passed was one of California's driest on record, which means much less snow in the high country to feed these waterfalls. They will certainly be dry or almost dry by the end of summer. I think the season ahead is going to be a hot one.

back row:  Andy & Brenda, our friends from Indiana; my wife Ginger & me.  Front row:  their daughter & our two boys.

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Michael said...

Looks like a fantastic place.

Take Care

jo(e) said...

I love the waterfall photo.