January 26, 2007


Last Sunday, I was convener of a gathering of area churches. I was stressed about it, until I took my own advice and decided that the event didn't have to be perfect. To my surprise, I actually had fun being the "host" of this event, which included a dinner & choir festival for folks from about ten different churches.

Then it was off to Berkeley for the Earl Lectures at Pacific School of Religion. The Lectures are always enjoyable (this is my seventh year attending), but I am always dismayed a little by how IMPORTANT everything is. Of course, this is a reflection of where I'm at on my own journey, but the organizers & planners take everything so seriously, including the worship services. Lighten up a little, people!

I've now returned home just in time for my 36th birthday. I never want anyone to make too big a fuss about it, but it's kind of fun when people are extra nice because it's your birthday. What would it be like if we treated everyone as if it were their birthday, every day? If we were just a little nicer, not because it's their birthday, but simply because they are a fellow human being?

A very merry unbirthday to you!

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