January 27, 2007

I Heard About the Helicopter Crash

I heard about the helicopter crash
that killed those men.

Like the war itself
It seemed so
Just another grim statistic
in a war we shouldn't be fighting.

Then I heard it was your father
in that helicopter,
and I was asked to say a few words.
What do I say?
Do I speak of the immorality of war,
of this war?
Do I confess my complacency
in letting this war continue?
Was it my silence that led to his death
and the deaths of so many others?

Do I admire him for his bravery,
his sacrifice, his love?
(I have no doubt about these things.)
Do I simply put my arm around you
and say, "I am with you?"

When does the time for comforting
yield to challenging and confessing?


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