December 16, 2006

Cold, Movies, and a Funeral

It started midday on Thursday -- a very faint, barely noticeable irritation in the back of my throat. Uh, oh, I thought; better drink an extra cup of green tea today. By Thursday evening, I was feeling tired, and the throat was sore. Thursday night, I woke up several times, desperately needing medicine to soothe the soreness that was keeping me awake.

During the day on Friday, the throat began to feel a little better, but the nose started getting congested. Friday night, I went to sleep with a box of tissues by the bed.

Other than that, things are fine. I took the boys to see Eragon last night; Having read the book, Ethan and I had been waiting for this one all year, and nothing would keep us away from opening night. It was a great movie, especially for the kids -- not too long, not too scary. Afterward, we shared our favorite parts, and what was different in the movie than in the book.

I don't go to movies very often, but at the end of the year, the list of movies that I want to see grows. The Pursuit of Happyness. Apocalypto. Blood Diamond. Freedom Writers. And the kids want to see Charlotte's Web and Night in the Museum. I doubt we'll get to them all; but they'll be on DVD soon.

One of my favorite church people died last week; her memorial service is on Monday. Long before my arrival in this community, she was a history teacher at the high school, and I loved visiting with her and talking about history and other things. Many, many people who live around here had her as their teacher. I expect the church will be overflowing, despite the cold weather that is predicted. Cold by California standards, that is. (See the new temperature gauge in the right hand column.)

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