November 09, 2006

Off the Map

Wow. I go away for a few days, come back, and the world has changed. The Democrats win the House & Senate. Rumsfeld is gone. And the 49ers are leaving San Francisco.

St. Francis, patron saint of free nights & weekendsAt the retreat center where I was for the past three days, there are signs that discourage cell phone use. The only place one is supposed to use their cell phone -- if one must -- is out front, by the statue of St. Francis with his arms outstretched. I appreciate those suggested restrictions. However, on this particular trip, I spent a little more time than usual beneath Francis's outstretched arms.

I was on the phone with my wife. We were talking about Tristan, our 5 year-old. When I left on Monday morning, he was a kindergartner. By the time I returned on Wednesday evening, he was a first grader. This means he'll likely graduate from high school at 16. Hopefully this will help with the behavior problems he's had at school. However, we're not entirely sure yet if he's emotionally/socially ready for first grade. So, we'll see.

We're off the map now!

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