June 03, 2006

Phone Call

The phone rang last night. It was after midnight, almost two hours after we had gone to bed. On the other end of the line was a child-who-is-technically-not-ours, asking for someone to come pick him up from the school dance. Instead of grumbling, complaining, or asking why his own parents didn't pick him up, my wife simply gets out of bed, puts her shoes on, and grabs her keys, proving once again that the line that divides "saint" from "insanity" is extremely blurry.


Michael said...

Kids need to have people they can turn to. Sometimes it is hard to ask your parents.

I don't think this one is insanity. I would clearly call it saint.

Take care

Randy Frye said...

I'm weighing in on the saint side as well. I would take it as a compliment that you are some people whom he could trust when things were apparently not going his way. You were the presence of Christ. . . and a blessing. Saint, definitely.

Peace and prayers . . . Randy