August 25, 2005

Free Day

Today's weather forecast: sunny, 93 degrees. "A pleasant day," according to the radio announcer on KXJZ, the local NPR station....

It's also a free day, due to the fact that the local K-8 school didn't need me to substitute teach after all. So I did some exercise, listened to the radio, and even wrote a letter to my 90 year-old grandmother. I am convinced that I have the coolest grandmother in the world, and I haven't seen or talked to her since her big 90th birthday party back in April. Since I had the time, I wrote her a letter ... by hand, no less.

I also wrote a letter to Chris, who turns 16 this Saturday, although this one I did on the computer. I'm an introvert, and I get my thoughts across better in writing (that's why I blog, after all), so I wrote him a letter for his birthday. I hope he likes it.

I'm trying not to feel guilty for not doing much work. That's the hazard of having one's office in the house: the work is always there.

Now, my 8 year-old is home from school, and is excited to tell me about his day (how often does that happen? not often!), so that's it for today's post.

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Jim said...

Don't feel guilty, my friend. Reading of your letter to your grandmother speaks to me of a "flow" given unto us by One Who recognizes it wasn't just meant to "work" in secular fashion. It's always a pleasure to drop by here and catch up on what's going on in your life. Peace, my friend......