August 27, 2005

Difficult Weekend

Today's weather forecast: 98 degrees.

In December 2004, I started my blog. Since then (and especially in recent weeks) I've received comments that have been both helpful and encouraging, mostly from people I've never even met, and from places all over the world. This has been an incredible experience for which I am thankful. In all this time, I've only had to remove one comment, not because it was an attack on me or because it was hateful or obscene or anything like that, but simply because it seemed to me to be nothing but spam.

Because of this support, I feel comfortable in asking for your prayers. Due to the fact that I am anything but anonymous here, I can't be too specific. However, my wife and I have made an important (but difficult) decision regarding Chris, the 16 year-old who's been living here for over a month, and now we need to carry it out. It has to do with the fact that we still have no legal relationship with him, and his legal guardian appears to be preventing the establishment of any sort of legal relationship (while at the same time not allowing him to return home).

Oh, and today is Chris' birthday.

On a happier note, yesterday we finally bought the new car we've been contemplating. It's a 2005 Toyota Sienna, goldish tan in color, with 8 seats for transporting family & church youth. Many thanks to my sister, who actually called on the cell phone while we were sitting with the sales rep at the Toyota dealership, to let me know about the deals that she was finding on Siennas in southern California. It was very easy to say to the sales rep, "match this...." and he did.


the reverend mommy said...

prayers go out to you and yours (including Chris)
living in this kind of limbo is hard. praying for resolution.

reverendmother said...

I pray all shall be well, in the fullness of God's time, and that there be peace in the meantime.

Jim said...

You do not specify the decision, but I can bear witness with what you are going through. I have a pastor friend in pensacola who took in two Vietnamese kids whose mother was murdered, whose father was a shrimper and seldom home, and whose relatives, for whatever reason, literally abandonedn them to the streets. They are still with my friend and his wife some five years or so down the road, the youngest just recently graduated from school. The legal matters incurred, however, just for simple things as dental problems (no insurance, no ability to prove guardianship) was a real battle until the dad finally signed papers. Whatever you decide, God is bigger than the situation (you know that) and I'll add the situation to my prayers. Peace, my friend......