July 23, 2005

In Portland

Yeah! We made it to Portland! It's a little after 5:00 p.m., I got my credentials ribbon, and the rest of the family is swimming at the hotel. I wandered over here to the VisionFest room, which is still being set up. Not very many people in here yet, but I found a table with computers and a sign that says, "Cyber Cafe." I looked around, and seeing no one, decided it would be okay to sit down and write a short post for my blog, at least until someone comes along and tells me, "Sorry, we're not open yet." So far, no one has.

General Assembly is like a big family reunion in so many ways. In one way, it is quite literally, as I met my Dad, who flew in from southern California to be here. We're staying in the same hotel. I also ran into Julia Holloway (a friend from my seminary days in Indiana), some members of the General Youth Council, and Michael Malone, a fellow pastor up from California. Now I'm off to take a quick peek into the Exhibit Hall before I meet up with my family for dinner.

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