July 22, 2005

$371 and Counting

We got the car back today. Didn't have a choice, really, since we're leaving at 5:00 a.m. tomorrow. Even though we paid $371 to get it back, the trunk still won't open; and since the thing with the mini-van didn't work out, it looks like we'll be packing all our clothes in little tiny bags, and shoving them through the small opening that appears when you fold down the center part of the back seat. We'll just hope and pray that we can get them back out again and into our hotel tomorrow evening.

General Assembly is expensive. I wonder about that. I wonder if going to General Assembly is really being a good steward of money --- or my church's money, since, as pastor, most of my expenses will be paid by my church. I already know that I won't be attending any of the $25 lunches this time around. It scares me to think how much ministry could be accomplished with all the money people spend just to attend General Assembly.

Then again, I suppose that in a very real way, General Assembly is ministry. It's a necessary gathering in a 4,000 congregation denomination. And it is always spiritually uplifting, the times of worship, the fellowship, and the ideas and visions that are shared and taken back to those 4,000 congregations scattered across North America.

But still, the cost of it is almost enough to tempt one who is the pastor of a small country church to put a paypal button on his blog. Almost.

Tomorrow, Saturday, is our travelling day. Don't know that there'll be a post here, but I'll try. Meanwhile, peace be the journey!

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