December 15, 2011


It seemed a shame to me that every year, we decorate the inside of our church so beautifully -- especially the sanctuary -- but do nothing on the outside of the building. Were we reserving the joy of Christmas for ourselves only, keeping it locked away as if it were our little secret?

I suggested to someone that we should add some decoration, some garland perhaps, to the front exterior. A day or two later, a box of garland appeared in my office. A few days after that, some lovely bows were brought in to adorn the garland. I purchased some hooks, and spent some time figuring out how far apart they should be in order to fit perfectly. (6 feet 10 inches, in case you are wondering.)

Then I spent 3 hours going up and down a ladder, measuring the distances, putting the hooks in, and hanging the garland. I'm very happy with the result, and am glad that we are able to now share some of the Christmas joy with our community through these decorations that all can see.

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