May 19, 2011

A Good Turn Results in a Good Picture

The boy scout camp where I spent last weekend is a beautiful place.  Located 6500 feet above sea level, it is a cool refuge from the cities and deserts below. 

One downside, though, is that a highway runs through the camp property.  At the camporee this past weekend, scouts had to cross the road in order to reach several of the activities. 

After lunch on Saturday, I and another leader were abruptly given reflective vests and  bright flags, and told to go to the crossing to assist scouts crossing the road.  Scouts were already on their way to activities, so unfortunately this meant we had no time to grab a book, a lawn chair, or anything else to pass the time in those periods when we were waiting for scouts to assist across the road.

Fortunately, though, I did have my camera.  After assisting a number of scouts across the highway, I had some time to look around and see if there was anything picture-worthy.  I noticed to the west, set back a short ways from the road, a wooden fence meandering across a small grassy meadow, around some ponderosa pines.  I took several pictures, experimenting to get the right balance of light between the sun and the shadows.  The best one is posted below.

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