April 12, 2011

San Clemente Sunset

A few weeks ago we spent the weekend in San Clemente, with some friends who live just a short walk from the Pacific Ocean.  Several times while we were there, I had the opportunity to venture alone down the 109 steps to the bottom of the bluff, where a walking path and railroad track ran along the rocky shore. 
When the sun began to set, I wasn't too sure about taking a photo; it seems that I've been taking a lot of sunset photos, and unless there is something uniquely spectacular about them, they all kind of look the same.  Fortunately, as I walked along the path, I looked across the tracks to the sea, and saw a couple sitting there watching the sunset.  Their silhouette (and the distant outline of Catalina Island) added the unique interest I was looking for.


Luis Salcedo said...
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Twisted Fencepost said...

That is a beautiful picture! It definitely shows the beauty that God has created.