April 19, 2011

Just Like Camping

When our next-door neighbors moved away and left behind their fire bowl, we decided to put it to good use.  This past weekend alone, with warm spring weather, we enjoyed two evening weenie roasts, one with some neighborhood kids, and another with some high school youth from church. 
On Friday night, when this picture was taken, the sky was clear, and a rising almost-full moon was startling in its beauty.  On Sunday night, the celestial lights were hidden behind the fog that had come in from the Pacific Ocean. 
Several of the kids said with smiles on their faces:  "this is just like camping!"  They laughed and talked with one another.  It didn't even seem to bother them that they had to put down their portable electronic games in order to roast their hot dogs.

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Anonymous said...

Danny, this kind of camping I could enjoy. While doing Cycle Oregon four years ago, which includes a more complete mode of roughing it, I decided to give up sleeping on the ground as a birthday present to myself in honor of turning 75. Sitting around your fire bowl on a warm Pacific evening, however, sounds like great fun, especially if you are doing the cooking.