February 08, 2011

Beach Cleanup

Litter from all over L.A. County washes down gutters, into storm drains, down the L.A. River, and ends up on the beaches of Long Beach.  On Saturday, Tristan and I donned plastic gloves and joined over 100 other people to pick up trash (and admire the ladybugs) near the Belmont Pier. 

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O said...

Had to comment here because I know you are a bike rider. I found myself a few years back being fascinated/disgusted by what people threw out on the roadside. I would ride for ages looking at all that crap seeing what I could see. Then it occurred to me I was missing all the good stuff on the ride, the nature the sky, my lungs burning!. Its kind of like getting stuck seeing bad in others don't you think? It is always there but not always good for one to dwell upon. Cheers and good work at the beach