January 18, 2011


Yesterday we drove up into the mountains to pick up Ethan, who spent the weekend at a winter retreat for middle schoolers.  We got there a little early, so Tristan and I walked around.  The big storms of a few weeks ago dumped a lot of snow on the mountain tops, but now it is quickly melting as we experience a midwinter heat spell.  In fact, it's so warm that we stopped for root beer floats on the way home, which tasted extra good in the warm sunshine.


Pastor Bob Cornwall said...

Rained yesterday -- still not much snow melt. Now, back in the 20s. Don't you want to come and live where it really snows?

Danny Bradfield said...

During a warm spell last month, when my wife and I were driving to the beach with our dog, I realized that as much as I really did love the snow the three years I lived in Indianapolis, I really do like living in Long Beach.

Build a snowman for me!