April 22, 2010

Walking Home

This spring, Monday nights are a night of walking for me and my two sons.  Since my wife has class on Monday nights (well, actually, she always has class, but her college courses are on Mondays), my sons and I walk home after the boy scout meeting.

Tristan, who's eight, does not look forward to this.  This week in particular, he let this be known.  Monday afternoon, he was whining and complaining.  "I hate Mondays!  I hate walking!" was his mantra.  However, he didn't have a choice.

The scout meeting ended around 8:00.  The weather was mild; we wore no jackets.  We started walking.  And talking.  The boys started discussing stuff that came up at school.  It's probably best if I not share everything that was discussed; however, Ethan mentioned how much it bothers him when people cuss, and I think he also mentioned a place he had heard of where people sell drugs to kids, although I can't remember if the place was real or from a book/movie.  I think we also talked about movies at some point; we usually do.

And then I had the opportunity to tell my sons how proud I am of the decisions and choices they make.  I took advantage of the opportunity, knowing that I don't seem to get that opportunity very often.

Before we knew it, we were home.  Tristan was surprised.  "We're home already?  It seems like we just started walking."  (In truth, we had walked one mile.)  And I knew then that, even though we could have found a ride home if I had wanted one, it was better that we had walked.

Take a walk this Earth Day...  it's good for the earth, and it's good for you.

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Edgar Tanaka said...

As usual a post to inspire us and see the little beautiful and important things in life. Thanks. =)