March 25, 2010

Seven Things I'm Thinking About Today

  1. Not everything that happens in life (or even in my mind) happens in essay-able formats.  Sometimes they come in little bites.  And since I've seen other bloggers use formats similar to this one, I decided to go for it.
  2. Of course, one could assume that I simply didn't have an essay in me this week.  And they'd be correct.
  3. This morning at the coffee shop, I saw a young girl in a stroller.  Her mom called her Bella.  She brought a smile to everyone in the room.
  4. A few minutes later, another toddler arrived.  When she saw Bella, she ran across the room, arms up in the air, gleefully exclaiming, "You're here! You're here!  You're here!"  That brought an even bigger smile to everyone in the room.  It's nice to experience joy in the morning.
  5. It's especially nice to experience joy when other areas of life are marked with sadness.  Last week, the father of two scouts in Ethan's boy scout troop died unexpectedly.  This week, the mother of two children who attend our church had a stroke, and is in the hospital.
  6. I'm trying hard to not get too caught up in the Glenn Beck/social justice kerfluffle.  (Is "kerflufle" a word?)  And I wouldn't, except I know that a lot of people actually take him seriously, and therefore have a grossly distorted understanding of the gospel.
  7. I continue to try, day by day, to remove the distortions in my own understanding.

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