August 25, 2009

Tuesday Photo: SoCal Sunset

We were already on our way when the email arrived in my inbox letting me know that this past weekend was "I love California State Parks" weekend, an event organized to help protect our state parks. The state government has announced that many state parks will be closing due to California's ongoing financial problems.

Side note: because they are, in fact, ongoing problems, an increasing number of people (including the editors of the L.A. Times) are calling for an entirely new state constitution. Sounds like a good idea to me.

I don't know if the state park we stayed at will be on the closure list. It could be that we were one of the last to enjoy watching the sun set at Point Mugu State Park's Thornhill Broome campground.

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Susan Hamilton said...

Whoa, Danny! GREAT photo - would love to use it as subject for an oil painting. Can you send it to me digitally?
Susan Hamilton