August 06, 2009

Growing Up

The plane flew over the camp as it began its descent. I waved out the window. I don't think he saw me.

The last time I saw Ethan was before I left for the General Assembly in Indianapolis. Two days before I left, we celebrated his 12th birthday. Two days before that, his doctor had said to me: "he's entered puberty."

When I pick him up from camp on Saturday, it will have been almost two weeks since I saw him last.

The General Assembly takes place every two years. My church sent me, the pastor, but neither the church nor I had enough money for my family to come along. All week long, I kept thinking that if we start saving now, the whole family will be able to go next time. After all, lots of families go to the Assembly. This year's assembly had over 600 youth in attendance.

Then it hit me: at the next General Assembly, Ethan will be old enough for the high school activities. High school!

When I pick him up on Saturday, I wonder if I will recognize him. Surely two weeks is too short a time for a voice to change, or a growth spurt to occur, or facial hair to sprout. Right? Then again, wasn't it just two weeks ago that he started kindergarten?

Saturday can't get here soon enough.

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