July 16, 2009


I'm currently in my second week of camp ... sort of. This week, it's Vacation Bible School, which I've heard referred to as a "day camp."

I'm more involved this year than I was last year; last year, I had only been here at Bixby Knolls Christian Church a few months, and was still testing the water. This year I plunged right in. I did this voluntarily, because a) it's fun, and b) it is perhaps the most significant on-site ministry we do with children all year long.

Nevertheless, it is time-consuming. So once again this week, there is no full-length (whatever that means) article. Instead, here's a picture I took of the teenager I recruited to help us re-enact the plagues inflicted on Egypt. He played the role of Pharaoh; here he is experiencing "darkness."

CYF 1 Campers: Do you know who this is?

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