June 29, 2009

Evening on the Patio

I am pretty sure that, when it comes to doing new things in ministry, one has to try about ten different things in order to find one that works. In other words, nine out of ten events that one plans fail.

But that tenth one seems to make it all worthwhile.

I had an idea which began at my last church: have an informal evening of outdoor music at the church. My previous church had this huge porch that would have made a great stage, with a lawn in front of it perfect for blankets and lawn chairs. I often thought that it would be a great venue for a community gathering of music. Unfortunately, I was never able to implement my plan there.

When I arrived at Bixby Knolls Christian Church a little over a year ago, one of the first things I noticed was a wonderful courtyard patio, which also seemed like a great place for evening events in the summer. Last night, thanks to the help and encouragement of so many people, we had our first "Evening on the Patio." 46 people showed up to enjoy fellowship, coffee and dessert, and (most of all) to hear Michael Morton play his flute.

We have two more "Evenings on the Patio" planned for this summer. We're currently looking for musicians who might want to come play for us.

More photos of Evening on the Patio are in my photo album.

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