May 20, 2009

Beer, Revisited

I've been trying to think of something to write for this week's post, but nothing's coming to me. I wonder if a beer will help, then realize how strange it is for me to think that.

Four years ago I wrote a blog post. It had a one word title: "Beer." And one of the things I said in that post was: "I'll never be a beer drinker." (Read Beer.)

I guess that's why it felt a little strange last week when I joined a number of parents from my son's scout troop for an "unofficial" troop committee meeting at a local pub. (This followed the "official" meeting; don't worry, everyone was responsible.) Glasses and pitchers were passed around, and yes, I had my own--glass, not pitcher. Still, I wouldn't let the man next to me refill my glass, although he tried several times.

In that previous post, I was looking forward to the Disciples General Assembly, which was taking place that summer in Portland. I was amused that, in the Assembly's advance publicity, Portland was promoted as a city that has one of the highest concentrations of micro breweries in the country. This is a real draw for Disciples.

Well, there is another General Assembly coming up this summer, and I'll be attending. So far, the promotional materials, including several videos on YouTube, highlight:

tools for greening our lives

resource groups, preaching, music ... and TV's Drew Powell

a chance to bring cultures together ... and Bill Thomas' puppet show

... but so far, no mention of beer. C'mon, what kind of church have we become?


Rebecca said...

Hey, Danny, if I see you, I'm buying you a beer. If nothing else, just for writing this post!

Anonymous said...

I can point the way towards some microbrews in Indy if you want some...